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Hi, my name is James Gaffney. For years I have wanted a site where I can find food and entertainment in one spot that also shows local favorites. You will find places you have never heard of before and find things to do that you have never done.

Click on any of the three icons below and find things to do now! Food, Entertainment, and Food Trucks. (Creating a profile will organize search results to your location automatically.)



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Tucanos Brazilian Grill
Hot Stuff
Buffet Lunch - $15.95
Buffet Dinner - $22.95

Business Wall Test
Hot Stuff
test - $2.50

King Kebab
Hot Stuff
Shawarma Lamb and Beef - $6.99

Ruby River Steakhouse
Hot Stuff
New York Steak 12 oz - $19.99
New York Steak 8oz - $16.99
Smothered Chicken - $14.99

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